Month of Science of Stellar Department


Astronomical Institute in Ondřejov is going to organize international event during the month of september. This event is decomposed in three different activies opened to international students. A summer school is organized to present observational, reduction and analysis technics to young students between the 12-18 th of September. A 2.5 days exoplanet workshop follows the school. Finally a 1.5 day meeting between the users of the ondrejov 2M telescope and Tatenburgh 2M (Germany) telscope is organized the 21th 22th September 2016.


A. Hervé, ASU (Stellar department)
P. Kabáth;, ASU (Stellar department)
T. Klocova, ASU (Stellar department)
G. Maravelias, ASU (Stellar department)

This workshop is sponsored by ASU